Jam Sessions

Let’s jam!

A nurture squared jam session is one hour to explore, discuss, problem solve and support one another around one significant entrepreneurial issue in the nurturing professions. Life gets pretty sticky sometimes but a good solid jam session may help sort some of it out.

VIDEO RECORDINGS. Barring any technical difficulties, Jam Sessions will now be recorded. The cost to watch the recorded version is likely going to be $5 to cover my fees for having a session that is longer than 40 minutes and for recording it.  The expectation is that the video will only be available to those registered, and will be available for a limited time (one week).  If you have any concerns about sessions being recorded, please let me know –if there is enough interest, I can have “in camera” (not recorded) Jam Sessions to ensure we have a space that feels safe and private for those participating.   As the group grows from a small intimate gathering this may be a factor for some.

REGISTERING: Express your interest in a jam session by emailing heather@heatherboyd.ca (preferred) or posting on our facebook page.  Provide us with your email to receive the Jam Session Zoom Video link prior to the Jam Session.   Three to five people seems to be a sweet spot for creating a jam session that everyone can participate in.

ONE HOUR JAM: Great news!  Our jam sessions can now be more than 40 minutes in length. We’ll cap at 60 minutes, but this will allow a bit more in-depth conversation without getting cut off!  I’m covering the cost of this little time expansion by sponsoring it through my OT business, http://www.heatherboyd.ca.  There may come a time when we move to a membership fee to cover these expenses.  For now, enjoy the freebie on me!

JAM SESSION DATES: See our facebook page, nurture squared, for Jam Sessions that are booked for September through to December.  Topics will be added shortly.  Sign up via facebook but please also provide your email address for receiving the Zoom link.


Jam Session Topics:

  • Giving it away #2: is there a balance in giving away information or ‘stuff’ for free.
  • Stay-at-home feminism: the challenge with being a feminist and a work-from-home parent-at-home mama
  • Vicarious trauma: how to have boundaries while having an open heart for our clients
  • Network and hustle: how do we sell our business without feeling like we are in sales?
  • Business models: what are the trends, and what works for you? How has this changed?
  • Time management: we’ve all got 24 hours in a day. How do we become more efficient and maintain our parenting values?
  • Technology, smart phones, and connected parenting: the pitfalls and pinnacles of distracted parenting for entrepreneurs.
  • Saying no: why is turning down a client sometimes a good thing?
  • Creative solutions: work strategies for child-at-home days (or months!)



In other news….

Profiles: I’ll be starting these up again but not at the pace (weekly) we had in the summer. We will also have some guidelines that help profiles stay in line with the intent of the group.


Blog: if you have a topic or information worth sharing, let me know if you’d like to contribute as a guest blogger. Certain guidelines will apply to ensure we are transparent, ethical, and true to the intent of Nurture Squared.