Families with Children


Your family is not alone.

There are other parents blazing their own trails, too.  Some are figuring things out privately, while others are sharing their stories publicly.  In either case, the trail that you blaze is unique to you and your family.

Despite the uniqueness of your family’s story, hearing the stories of those who have been down a similar path can be helpful in knowing which way to forge ahead.

The following stories are available publicly on-line.  Each of these families has experienced chronic health issues related to water-damage and mould in their homes, schools, or workplaces.

Andrea Fabry

Andrea Fabry, radio host, building biology advocate, and mother of 9, shared her family’s story  about toxic mould exposure at wholenewmom.com.  Andrea’s websites are It Takes Time and Moms Aware.  Her husband, Chris Fabry, gives his perspective in this article.  Andrea has also written a concise book to help families who believe that their home may have water damage and may be causing illness (Is Your House Making You Sick?)

Jennifer Saleem

Jennifer chronicles her family’s mould exposure story, including the impact on her daughter and her cat, in this and other posts at Hybrid Rasta Mama.

Christa Upton

Christa was interviewed about her family’s story on Michael Pinto’s website, Mold Sensitized.  She reflects on chemical sensitivity, mold exposure, and proper remediation.  She also has chronicled the process she and her husband went through to build a suitable home for their family of five.

Sara Tamames

Sara, a biochemist living in Portugal, shares her story of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Mold Avoidance on her websiteBeyond Mold Thriving as well as in an article atParadigm Change.  Sara is mom to a beautiful daughter.  Sara’s sensitivity and environmental circumstances have necessitated a long separation from her daughter.