Media Stories


Ettinger family of Nanaimo BC: Family bought new home in 2016 that was being built since 2009 and had significant water damage, penicillium, and stachybotrys.  CHEK News Victoria, BC July 1 2018

Deneau family of Windsor Ontario: Family of four await landlord tenant board hearing for loss of possessions CBC March 15 2018

Canadian Navy: Frigate ventilation problems:CBC, July 25 2016.  Retired sailor, Lieutenant Alan Doucette, sues Canadian Navy for health issues related to mold aboard frigate: CBC,Dec 22 2017.   Health troubles: CBC, July 17 2017.   Federal judge rejects lawsuit: CBC, July 26, 2018.

Inuit Housing in Canada: Hazmat suits required to clean up mould in 116 public housing units in Nunavut: CBC May 18, 2017

Australian Elementary Student:  Girl reported to be ill for two years from mouldy school environment, diagnosed with CIRS by Dr. Sandeep Gupta,  Nine News, May 14 2018

North Carolina Child Ill in Water-damaged Apartment: One year old Lynden living in apartment with active water damage in Charlotte N.C.  Fox 46 May 23, 2018

Australian household mold making life living “hell”: Lana Murphy (reporter). 9 News Australia May 29 2018

Mould in Lambton County, Ontario schools causing “Sick Building Syndrome” and sick teachers: Jessica Leeder (reporter). Globe & Mail. June 7 2008 (updated April 27 2018) 

Rumberger Family In U.S. immediately ill in dream home Do-It-Yourself-Remediation in 2009: Lauren Smith (reporter) September 8 2017