Parenting is a tough job.  It is made all the more difficult when health issues in our children or ourselves interfere.  Just as with children, when adults are well, they can be more patient, calmer, more generous, and more able to cope.  When one considers that patients report symptoms of rage, anxiety, and depression as a direct effect of exposure to problematic environments, it adds a layer to the parenting challenge that is poorly understood, and difficult, but not impossible, to manage.

This page will focus on providing links to parenting support resources in order to manage and build on nurturing connected parenting practices despite chronic environmental illness.   Resources for parenting with a chronic illness will also be provided.

Grace Under Water takes an attachment-based perspective on parenting which promotes nurturing and connection to strengthen parent-child bond.  This approach strengthens the attachment and resilience of families in order to better cope with the challenges that arise from chronic inflammatory illnesses from water-damaged buildings.



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Photo Credit: Daiga Ellaby