Problem-Solving and Decision Making

Death of Socrates
Jacques Louis-David, The Death of Socrates (1787). cropped.

One of the key factors in addressing problems in one’s home, or problems with one’s health or the health of one’s family is figuring out how to make decisions based on the plethora of information (some good, some unhelpful, and some completely inaccurate and potentially harmful).

The shear amount of information available to families experiencing environmentally-related illnesses is incredible.  Having a framework for how to decipher ‘good’ information from ‘bad’, what information applies to your situation, and how then to make a plan is important.

This page will eventually focus on:

  1. How to critique information that is available online and from experts.
  2. How to make decisions regarding what information applies to you, and for evaluating what is working for you.
  3. A review of the fallacies that can mislead us when evaluating information, and a guide to using logic to sort fiction, fallacy, and fact.