David Asprey, Moldy (2015) -Documentary.  Dave Asprey presents the issue of mould and illness by interviewing physicians, and by profiling the personal stories of several people whose health was impacted by exposure to water damaged buildings.  Moldy is available for free on youtube here.  Paradigm Change director Lisa Petrison (who is interviewed in the documentary) has written an article with background information about the medical experts and people profiled in the documentary.  One family with young children is profiled.


Dr. Janette Hope, 2015 keynote address to Building Biology Conference, Cellular and Molecular Effects of Mold and Mycotoxins.   Dr. Hope is a family physician who became ill from exposure to toxigenic mould.  She now treats mould illness in Santa Barbara, California.  A video of her keynote address is available here.  Dr. Hope was also interviewed by Dr. Adrienne Sprouse in a six minute video for “Your Environmental Minute”.


Julie Rehmeyer (2014 seminar to the Sante Fe Institute), Medical and Scientific Political, and Journalistic Pitfalls in Studying the Confusing Illnesses.  Julie is a math and science freelance writer and has published in Science News (, Wired Magazine, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.  She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome several years ago and, despite initially thinking it was a ‘kooky idea’, discovered that toxic mould was playing a significant role in her illness.  She presented an overview of the history of CFS, the role mould avoidance played in her recovery, and the political challenges with recognizing CFS and funding research on CFS at the Sante Fe Institute in February of 2016.  A video of the seminar can be found here.  A transcript of the seminar is here.


Jennifer Brea (2017) Unrest. Documentary.  Jen’s powerful documentary, Unrest, is about patient advocacy within the context of chronic illness (specifcally Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myelgic Encephalomyelitis).  Layered with observations about feminism and  “hysteria”, medicine’s general difficulty in effectively treating chronically ill patients, and the power of social media, Jen Brea’s film has shown at numerous film festivals.  A review of this film is available at Paradigm Change.  Jennifer has also presented at TEDSummit (2016) on What happens when you have a disease that doctors can’t diagnose