Health & Science Journalism


Below are links to Science Writing and Science Journalism articles regarding environmental exposures, and treatments.  Investigative journalism and in-depth articles whose reports go beyond profiling single cases, are included.

Charlie Smith (Aug 13, 2014). Detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals and metals is easier than it might seem, online magazine (Vancouver, B.C.).

 This article includes statements from Dr. Bruce Lanphear (Simon Fraser University), Dr. Stephen Genius (University of Edmonton), and Dr. Alex Chan (N.D., Vancouver private practice).  It identifies strategies for detoxifying the liver and kidneys in the context of common toxin/toxicant exposures.


Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Articles on ME/CFS are included here because of reports from some patients and advocates, including, most notably, Erik Johnson and Lisa Petrison, that mould was a significant contributing factor to their illness, and that mold avoidance was significant in regaining health.  Further, science journalists who report on CFS tend to highlight the deep problems in accurately and ethically researching and reporting findings of studies on complex chronic illnesses, an issue that extends to those with biotoxin illness.

David Tuller (November 2011). Chronic fatigue syndrome and the CDC: A long tangled tale. Virology.

Julie Rehmeyer (September 2016). Bad science misled millions with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Here’s how we fought back. Stat News.

David Tuller & Julie Rehmeyer (September, 2017). Why did it take the CDC so long to reverse course on debunked treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Stat News.